Bali well known as a Paradise Island, that is true, and even more than just a paradise, it is a place for business, doing leisure and party.

Find the complete guide to find the hidden life of Bali, find Bali Undercover, and find guide to enjoy night life in Bali.


Where to Meet Bali Girls

Bali Girls would be best meet on the Beachs or in their working place being a Bar or Hotel. You will always have to make the initial contact like smile or look on their eyes, but they are very open to it. Talk, ask questions, laugh, make them laugh, ask what they are doing after work and always ask for their mobile number. SMS a time and place to meet and away you go. Kuta Beach is best to meet people anytime of the day to especially at sunset.

If you go to Bali Beaches during the busy season there will also be a lot of beautiful Indonesian girls on holiday in Kuta. They often travel in groups on the beach and love to have their photo taken with western people (bule). Ask if you can take their photo and they will be wrapped and will instantly ask for your phone in return. Then you just need to ask what they are doing later and if you can have their mobile number. As always confidence is the key.

The above ways are to meet Indonesian Women where no money is involved.  Another and potentially easier way to meet Bali Girls is online. Its easy to join some Indonesian Dating or Bali Dating Websites and make friends with Bali Women. You could organise Bali Women to meet before you arrive in Indonesia.

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